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Item specifics
  • Brand Name: JIGU
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Compatible Brand: Toshiba
  • Battery Capacity: 4001 - 5000 MAh
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8V/11.1V
  • Model Number: PA3635U
  • Package: Yes
  • Place of Origin:: China (Mainland)
  • Product Type:: Replacement Battery
  • Package:: Individual brown neutral box
  • warranty:: 2 years warranty
Product Description

 Before placing the order, please make sure the model you purchase fit for your laptop or notebook. Each battery has its model name(or part number,P/N), you can find them on your original battery.  if you are not sure, you can contact me directly or leave a message to me at any time!



This is  Replacement Battery

100% guarantee tested ok before shipment


 You can see comparison pictures, by the shape of the battery and battery power interface to further determine your battery needs.aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()

   Laptop Compatible Models:

For Toshiba

PA3634U-1BAS PA3634U-1BRS PA3635U-1BAM
PA3635U-1BRM PA3636U-1BRL PA3638U-1BAP
PA3728U-1BRS PA3817U-1BAS PA3817U-1BRS

     Laptop Part numbers:

For Toshiba    
For  CX/45F For  CX/45G For  CX/45H
For  CX/45J For  CX/47F For  CX/47G
For  CX/47H For  CX/47J For  CX/48F
For  CX/48G For  CX/48H For  MX/33KBL
For  T350/34BR For  T350/34BW For  T350/46BB
For  T350/46BR For  T350/46BW For  T350/56BB
For  T350/56BR For  T350/56BWFor  For  T551-58B
For  T551-58BB For  T551-58BW For  T551-D8B
For Equium U400 Series For Equium U400-124 For Equium U400-145
For Equium U400-146 Portege M800 Portege M800 -11J
Portege M800 Series Portege M800-101 Portege M800-105
Portege M800-701 Portege M801 Portege M802
Portege M803 Portege M805 Portege M806
Portege M807 Portege M808 Portege M810
Portege M819 Portege M820 Portege M821
Portege M822 Portege M823 Portege M825
Portege M830 Portege M900 Portege T130
Portege T131  A660  A660-01S
 A660-ST3N01X  A660-ST3NX2X  A660D
 A665  A665-11Z  A665-3DV
 A665-S6067  A665-S6070  A665D
 A665D-S6051  A665D-S6059  C640
 C640D  C645D  C645D-S4024
 C650  C650-01T  C650-101
 C650-BT2N15  C650-ST2N01  C650D
 C655  C655-S5047  C655-S5049
 C655-S5056  C655D  C655D-S5041
 C655D-S5057  C655D-S5064  C660
 C660-106  C660-108  C660-10D
 C660-1K9  C660-1KT  C660D
 C660D-15H  C660D-15K  L310
 L310 Series  L311  L312
 L315  L317  L322
 L323  L510  L510-015
 L515 Series  L515-S4007  L515-S4008
 L515-S4960  L515-S4962  L515D Series
 L537  L600  L600-01B
 L600-88R  L600D  L600D-015S
 L600D-07B  L600D-08W  L600D-09B
 L630  L630-01S  L630-02S
 L630D  L635  L635-0HY
 L635-0J0  L635-0K9  L635-S3010
 L640  L640-BT2N15  L640-BT2N22
 L640-EZ1410  L640-ST2N01  L640D
 L640D-BT2N01  L640D-BT2N02  L645
 L645-S4038  L645D  L645D-S4025
 L645D-S4037WH  L650  L650-0DN
 L650-ST3N02X  L650-ST3NX1  L650D
 L650D-101  L650D-102  L650D-10H
 L650D-111  L650D-11G  L650D-11R
 L650D-123  L650D-13U  L650D-ST2N01
 L655  L655-11G  L655-128
 L655D  L655D-12K  L655D-12L
 L670  L670-102  L670-10N
 L670-10P  L670-10R  L670-117
 L670-11L  L670-11R  L670-12J
 L670-134  L670-14E  L670-17E
 L670-17H  L670-17K  L670-184
 L670-19E  L670-1CN  L670-BT2N22
 L670-BT2N25  L670-ST3NX1  L670D
 L670D-ST2N02  L670D-ST2N04  L675
 L675-S7018  L675-S7020  L675D
 L675D-S7019  L675D-S7022  M300 Series
 M300-600  M300-700-R  M300-900
 M300-J00  M300-ST3401  M300-ST3402
 M300-ST3403  M300-ST4060  M301
 M302  M305 Series  M305-S4815
 M306  M307  M308
 M310  M311  M319
 M320  M321  M323
 M325  M326  M327
 M328  M330  M331
 M332  M333  M336
 M338  M339  M500 Series
 M500-ST5401  M500-ST5405  M500-ST5408
 M500-ST54E1  M500-ST54E2  M500-ST6421
 M500-ST6444  M505 Series  M505-S1401
 M505D Series  M505D-S4000  M505D-S4000RD
 M505D-S4970RD  M511  M512
 M640  M640-BT2N01  M640-BT2N22
 M640-BT3N25X  M640-ST3N01X  M645
 M645-S4045  M645-S4047  M645-S4048
 M645-S4049  M645-S4050  M645-S4055
 Pro 3000  Pro C650  Pro C650-11Z
 Pro C650-1D8  Pro C650-1KL  Pro C650D
 Pro C650D-10W  Pro C650D-10X  Pro C650D-10Z
 Pro C650D-111  Pro C650D-127  Pro C660
 Pro C660-1NR  Pro C660D  Pro C660D-10C
 Pro L510  Pro L510-EZ140  Pro L600-K01
 Pro L600-K02  Pro L630  Pro L630-124
 Pro L630-167  Pro L630-EZ1310  Pro L640
 Pro L650-1EK  Pro L670  Pro L670-11D
 Pro L670-13L  Pro L670-14L  Pro L670-14M
 Pro L670-14P  Pro L670-15T  Pro L670-16Z
 Pro L670-170  Pro L670-171  Pro L670-EZ1710
 Pro M300 Series  Pro M300-EZ1001V  Pro M300-EZ1001X
 Pro PS300C-04KET  Pro PS300C-04KEV  Pro T110
 Pro T110- EZ1110  Pro T110- EZ1120  Pro T110-13H
 Pro T130  Pro T130- EZ1301  Pro T130-14M
 Pro T130-14Q  Pro T130-14U  Pro T130-15F
 Pro U400  Pro U400 Series  Pro U400-10H
 Pro U400-S1001V  Pro U400-S1001X  Pro U400-S1002V
 Pro U400-S1301  Pro U500  Pro U500-00700801
 T110  T110-00D  T110-107
 T110-10J  T110-11U  T110-11V
 T110-121  T110-12T  T110-12U
 T110D  T110D-00C  T115
 T130  T130-02F  T130-02M
 T130-03F  T130-11G  T130-11H
 T130-11J  T130-12N  T130-12Z
 T130-130  T130-132  T130-13K
 T130-13L  T130-13M  T130-13N
 T130-13Q  T130-16W  T130-170
 T130-17W  T135  T135-S1300
 T135D-S1328RD  U400 Series  U400-108
 U400-ST6301  U405 Series  U405-S2817
 U405-S2920  U405-ST550W  U405D Series
 U500 Series  U500-00K  U500-01C
 U500-10U  U500-10X  U500-10Z
 U505 Series  U505-S2002  U505-S2005
L650-BT2N15 L650D-03J  


Shopping tips.


Pictures for reference only,the specific kind prevail! If you need the latest and current pictures, please contact us !

Due to transport problems, product appearance may have small scratches.

It\'s possible, not all.

If you can not accept, please do not order.

About Shipping Address
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with an accurate and complete address. Address corrections after the package has been sent out is very expensive and often impossible. Packages returned to us with address errors often incur an additional return shipping fee (charged by the courier), which will be deducted from the refund of the cancelled order.
Please check that the address you have provided is correct and current. Do not use non-standard abbreviations. 
Cancelled orders will be refunded upon return of merchandise in sellable condition. Refund will be arranged through the original method of payment. Shipping fee will not be refunded. A restocking fee may be charged depending on the condition of the returned merchandise. Refund request would be accepted ONLY when replacement items are not available.
Return Policy
1. If you are not satisfied with our product(s), please contact us to obtain a RMA Number within fifteen (15) days of purchase. And products must be returned 100% complete, including all components, original boxes and packing materials, manuals, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer. We reserve the right to charge 25% restocking fee for NON-DEFECTIVE returns.
2. In returning products to us, customer must pay the return freight. Return packages by C.O.D will not be accepted. Only the return freight for incorrect items delivered to the customer will be paid for by us.
3. Please ensure that returned items are the ones that you purchased from us. We are not responsible for any item sent to us that is not our product.
4. Repack in original packaging: Enclosed everything originally received, including all manuals and related materials. Place the packaged product in a protective outer box. We must receive all original products in order to process your return or exchange. We are not responsible for products that are damaged due to poor packaging, defaced packaging, or lost shipments. Products must be returned 100% complete, including all components, original boxes and packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer. 
Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.4kg (0.88lb.)
  • Package Size: 40cm x 30cm x 20cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 7.87in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.4kg (0.88lb.)
  • Package Size: 40cm x 30cm x 20cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 7.87in)
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