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Item specifics
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Brand Name: VALENX
  • Package: Yes
  • Battery Capacity: 4001 - 5000 MAh
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8V
  • Compatible Brand: Samsung
  • Model Number: R468
Product Description



Mobile phones to take physical picture


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Capacity          :     4400mAh

Voltage             :   10.8V 

Part Number :



Fit Laptop Models:


NP-R478 Series R428-DS04 R465
NP-R480 Series R428-DS08 R466
NP-R507 Series R428-DS09 R467
NP-R519 R428-DS0A R468
NP-R522 Series R428-DS0B R470
NP-R530 R428-DS0E R478
NP-R548 R428-DS0L R480
NP-R580 R428-DS0M R503
NP-R620 R428-DS0N R507
NP-R700 Series R428-DS0P R517 Series
NP-R710 Series R428-DS0R R519 Series
NP-R719 R429 R520 Series
NP-RF411 R429-DS05 R522
NP-RF510 R429-DS06 R538
NP-RF710 R429-DS07 R580
Q320 R429-DS0A R620 Series
Q320-32P R429-DS0B R718 Series
Q320-FS01 R429-DS0C R719
Q320-FS01UK R430 R720 Series
Q320-FS01US R431 R780 Series
Q430 R438 X360
R428 R458 R540
R428-DA04 R463 R530
R428-DS01 R464 M730
RC408 Series NT-RF711 Series NP-E452 
NP-RC408 Series NP-RF711 Series NT-E452
NT-RC408 Series RF711 Series SE20 Series  
RC508 Series NT-RF511 Series NP-SE20 Series  
NP-RC508 Series NP-RF511 Series NT-SE20 Series
NT-RC508 Series RF511 Series E3415 
RC708 Series P230-JS02 NP-E3415 
NP-RC708 Series P230-JS02CN  NT-E3415
NT-RC708 Series NP-P230-JS02CN E3420
RC410 Series P530 Battery  NP-E3420
NP-RC410 Series NT-P530 Series NT-E3420 
NT-RC410 Series P230-JS03  
RC420 Series NP-P230 Series  
NP-RC420 Series NP-P230E  
NT-RC420 Series P530 Series  
RC518 Series NT-P530-JA07   
NP-RC518 Series NP-P580 Series  
NT-RC518 Series E251  
RC520 Series NP-E251  
NP-RC520 Series NP-E251E  
NT-RC520 Series E152 Series   
RC510 Series  NP-E152 Series  
NP-RC510 Series NP-E152E Series  
NT-RC510 Series E252   
 NP300E E372  
 NP300E4ZI E271  
 NP300E3A NP-E271  
 NP300E5A NT-E271   
 NP300E4A E452 Series  
 NP300E5AH NP-E452 Series  
 NP300E4AH NT-E452 Series  
 NP300E5AI E272 Series  
 NP300E4AI NP-E272 Series  
 NP300E5Z NT-E272 Series  
 NP300E4Z SE20 Series  
 NP300E5ZH NP-SE20 Series  
 NP300E4ZH NT-SE20 Series  
 NP300E5ZI E452 Series  
 NP300E7A NP-E452 Series  
 NP300E7AH NT-E452 Series  
 RV409 Series(All)  RV410 Series(All)  RV410L Series
 RV409-A01  RV409-A01TH  RV409-A01VN  RV410-A01  RV410-A02  RV410-S01
 RV409-A02  RV409-A02MY  RV409-A02VN  NP-RV410 Series(All)  NP-RV410L Series
 RV409-A03  RV409-A03TH  RV409-A04  NP-RV410-A02  NP-RV410-A02IN  NP-RV410-A02RU
 RV409-A04IN  RV409-S01  RV409-S01VN  NP-RV410-S01  NP-RV410I
 RV409-S02  RV409-S02TH  RV409-S02VN  NT-RV410 Series(All)  NT-RV410L Series
 RV409-S03  RV409-S03TH  RV409E  RV415 Series(All)  NP-RV415 Series(All)
 RV409E-S01  RV409E-S01VN  RV409I  NT-RV415 Series(All)
 NP-RV409 Series(All)  RV510 Series(All)
 NP-RV409-A01  NP-RV409-A01TH  NP-RV409-A01VN  RV510-A01  RV510-A01AU  RV510-A02
 NP-RV409-A02  NP-RV409-A02MY  NP-RV409-A02VN  RV510-A03  RV510-A04  RV510-A05
 NP-RV409-A03  NP-RV409-A03IN  NP-RV409-A03TH  RV510-A08UK  RV510-A09UK  RV510-A0A
 NP-RV409-A04  NP-RV409-A04IN  NP-RV409-S01  RV510-S01  RV510-S02  RV510-S03
 NP-RV409-S01VN  NP-RV409-S02  NP-RV409-S02VN  NP-RV510 Series(All)
 NP-RV409E  NP-RV409E-S01  NP-RV409E-S01VN  NP-RV510-A01CA  NP-RV510-A01US  NP-RV510-A02ZA
 NP-RV409I  NP-RV510-A04UK  NP-RV510-A05UK  NP-RV510-A08UK
 NT-RV409 Series(All)  NP-RV510-A09UK  NP-RV510-A0AUK  NP-RV510-S01RU
 NT-RV409-AD4S  NP-RV510-S01ZA
 RV515  NP-RV515 Series(All)  NT-RV515   NT-RV510 Series(All)
 RV509 Series(All)  RV511 Battery Fit machine:
 RV509-A01  RV509-A01BG  RV509-A01HU  RV511 Series(All)
 RV509-A01RO  RV509-A02  RV509-A03  RV511-A01  RV511-A02  RV511-A03
 RV509-A04  RV509-A05  RV509-A06  RV511-A03AU  RV511-A04  RV511-A04AU
 RV509-S01  RV509-S01VN  RV509-S02  RV511-A06  RV511-A06UK  RV511-A07
 RV509-S02VN  RV509-S03  RV509-S03UA  RV511-A07UK  RV511-GGX  RV511-S01
 RV509E  RV509I  RV511-S01UK  RV511-S02  RV511-S03
 NP-RV509 Series(All)  RV511-S03FR  RV511-S04  RV511-S05
 NP-RV509-A  NP-RV509-A01  NP-RV509-A01EE  RV511-S05ES etc
 NP-RV509-A01HU  NP-RV509-A01RO  NP-RV509-A02  NT-RV511 Battery Fit machine:
 NP-RV509-A02EE  NP-RV509-A02UA  NP-RV509-A03  NT-RV511 Series(All)
 NP-RV509-A03UA  NP-RV509-A04  NP-RV509-A04UA  NT-RV511-A53  NT-RV511-A53D  NT-RV511-A53S
 NP-RV509-A06  NP-RV509-A06IN  NP-RV509-A07  NT-RV511-A55  NT-RV511-S33S  NT-RV511-S35
 NP-RV509-A07IN  NP-RV509-S01  NP-RV509-S01BG  NT-RV511-S53  NT-RV511-S53S
 NP-RV511 Battery Fit machine:  RV711 Series  NP-RV711 Series  NT-RV711 Series 
 NP-RV511 Series(All)  RV709 Series  NP-RV709 Series  NT-RV709 Series
 NP-RV511-A01  NP-RV511-A01UK  NP-RV511-A02  
 NP-RV511-A02DE  NP-RV511-A05  NP-RV511-A05AU  
 NP-RV511-A06  NP-RV511-A06UK  NP-RV511-A07  
 NP-RV511-A07UK  NP-RV511-S01  NP-RV511-S01CN  
 NP-RV511-S01UK  NP-RV511-S02  NP-RV511-S02CN  
 NP-RV511-S02DE  NP-RV511-S02IT  NP-RV511-S02UK
 NP-RV511-S03DE  NP-RV511-S03FR  NP-RV511-S04DE

RV508     RV508E     RV508I
RV509     RV509E     RV509I
RV510     RV510E     RV510I
RV511     RV511E     RV511I
RV515     RV515E     RV515I
RV518     RV518E     RV518I
RV520     RV520E     RV520I
RV711     RV711E     RV711I
RV720     RV720E     RV720I

 Brief Instruction for Use

1.For use a new battery, you\'d better try a few cycles of discharging to 5% ,then charging
up to 95%.
2.Do not always run out of a battery to 0%,this would make it damaged or usage life
3.Do not put away a battery for a long time(more than 2 months),this would cause cells
inside of a battery losing balance,
the battery will not be charged up again or its lasting time shortens,so do charge a
battery at least one time within two months.  
4.Do not disassemble,crush or puncture;do not short external not dispose of in
fire or water.
5.Choose correct laptop adapter,if a replacement battery is not charged,perhaps your
adapter can not be compatible with it.
Payment Methods
1.We just accept payment via ESCROW.
1.Normally,Items will be shipped out within 24 hours after the payment has been cleared.
(Sat. & Sun. & Holidays excluded).
2.Tracking No. will be available. If you do not receive the items,let us know,we will sort
you out as soon as possible .
3.Items will be delivered to your address, Please confirm it is correct. Providing
your phone number would be better,it is useful for couriers if you r address is hard to look
for or you are not there.
It is very important that a correct address can avoid delay or item loss, buyers have to pay
return shipping cost due to wrong or undeliverable address.
4.We offer global shipping via Registered Airmail.
5.Buyers should consider the customs duty in you country, which is not included in your
payment,but we will delare at the lowest price.
Returns & Warranty
1.3 years Warranty, money back guaranteed within 30days from the date of purchase.
2.Our warranty does not apply to : a).cosmetic damage b).damage by accident,abuse,
liquid contact,fire,earthquake,miuse,or other external causes.c).a product has been
disassembled,crushed,punctured,short external contacts.
3.if you receive any faulty items,please let us know as soon as possible.

Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.35kg (0.77lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 9cm x 4cm (9.84in x 3.54in x 1.57in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.35kg (0.77lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 9cm x 4cm (9.84in x 3.54in x 1.57in)
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